Twitter Video Downloader

Download twitter videos & GIF from tweets

Looking for Twitter Video Downloader? There was a time Twitter was filled with just text-based content, despite the platform’s popularity. However, in the course of time, the company has included other options too. Images and Videos have been one of the notable additions in the list. Today, if you want to find quick videos from around the globe, Twitter is a nice place to depend. But, the problem is this: there is no provision to download Twitter videos from the website. It’s embedded in such a way that you can only watch the video but cannot download it into your computer, smartphone or any other device.

Then, What’s the Way to Download Twitter Videos?

This is when Twitter Video Downloader comes to the scene. Using this service, you will be able to download any video from Twitter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a video from CNN or NDTV or a funny Twitter user. To do all these, all you need is the URL of the Twitter video or the post that contains the video. Simply pasting the URL will download the Twitter video into the device you are using, with complete quality — including HD. The best part is that you can use Twitter Video Downloader from both PC and Mobiles.

How to Download Twitter Videos?

The process is pretty simple and involves just three steps.

  • You have to visit the Twitter status that consists of the video. It needs to be noted that Twitter does not have a dedicated URL for a video. Instead, you can copy the URL from Address Bar or from the long-press menu in Twitter app.
  • You have to access Twitter Video Downloader from your PC, Smartphone or other devices. It has an easy-to-navigate design that works on every device.
  • Paste the Twitter status URL in the corresponding section and press the Download

It’s that simple. The video will be downloaded in just a few seconds. So, as it is, Twitter Video Downloader is the best way to save a Twitter video offline.