Twitter has been there for 12 years as a medium to speak up your mind in 280 characters. With many other social networking platforms available on the internet, Twitter continues to be the most liked of them all. And that is why Twitter host almost every celebrity and known faces. On top of that, Twitter becomes the first place where most of the news broke or announced. Furthermore, it has a follower base of more than 300 million. Also, the average tweets tweeted in a day is 500 million. Now it is something interesting to know. Some more interesting fact that might left you with gasp are here for you.

  • The world introduced to Twitter in 2006, but do you know the first person to tweet. It’s the co-founder, Jack Dorsey.
  • The journey of Twitter was not smooth in the beginning. In fact, it only started getting revenue from 2010. Before that its revenue grossed was utterly nil. However, the scenario is no more same now. The revenue it is grossing is approaching 2 billion.
  • When you think about it, the first thing which came to your mind is the twitter bird. But you don’t know its name. Well, it’s Larry.
  • The hashtags that we usually add whenever we tweet was born in 2007. Moreover, it was the brainchild of one of its user named Chris Messina.
  • Talking about the device over which Twitter mostly run then you guessed it right. It’s smartphone. Smartphone users equate to 88 percent of all the users.
  • The United States has got the most massive amount of Twitter users which is 21 percent of all Twitter user. It equals to 67 million Twitter users. Adding to it, one-third of American teens have their Twitter handle.
  • When it comes to famous people having their account on Twitter, there is almost every one of them. Undoubtedly, their handle has the most number of followers. Usually, Pop stars have the highest follower base over here. But the one celebrity which tops in having a big follower list is British singer Katy Perry. Her follower counting surpasses 97 million.
  • Another noteworthy thing or better say rule over here is unless your account does not have 2,000 followers you can’t follow 2,000 peoples.
  • As per popularity chart, Twitter comes second to Facebook. Also, Facebook attempted purchasing Twitter but can’t buy. Facebook and Twitter related to the fact that both of them got banned in China.


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