Social Media is influencing the marketing patterns of every brand for quite some time. In fact, if we say that it is the most reliable pillar to marketize your product in the current scenario, it won’t be wrong. With the growing popularity of Twitter as over 330 million people have a twitter account, it is quite profitable to promote your business on this platform.

1. Begin with making a twitter account

The first step is apparently creating your business account on Twitter. Your business Twitter handle must have a suitable name related to the company or product. One more important step is to get your handle verified. Moreover, your bio and profile should be able to create a nice first impression about your business. Not to mention you have to manage your introduction in just 160 characters.

2. Become an active Twitter user

Once you got your twitter handle, it’s your job to show activeness over here. To be active on Twitter means that you should tweet regularly. That means one tweet per day is a must. No doubt it has a positive impact on growing your business effectively. An active user will gain followers more quickly when compared to those who are not active.

3. The right tweet

Probably one tweet in a day won’t be a tough task for you. Of course, your tweet should be about the product and services you are selling. Moreover, tweeting on social and environmental matter sometimes is also a good idea if you want to be friendlier with the followers. Also, interact with them by putting any query or thought. Don’t skip replying to the query or tweet from the followers.

4. Schedule your tweets for a week 

Target your viewers with different tweets on each day of the week. Like your product advertisement, expert opinion, the key benefits of the product and many other kinds of stuff. This list also includes video of media interaction with your brand. Show your creativity regarding the content you upload which may be video or message. Also, follow and retweet from another relevant source related to your brand.

5. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags with the keyword will work to a great extent in promoting products since it grabs twitter user attention quickly. But you should choose the keywords carefully with the hashtags. To decide the right hashtags in your tweet use Ritetag tool that will showcase a long list related to your keywords. Also, a limited number of hashtag one should use in a tweet. For that matter, the counting of these hashtags should not exceed three.


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