If you recently joined Twitter and started following people, then you must have come across hashtag symbol in many tweets. By the time your mind gets filled with questions like what it is and why people use it whenever they tweet. Believe it or not, there are more people like you who are equally curious about hashtags. So, without losing any time let’s know the basic facts about Twitter hashtags.

An overview of Hashtags

Hashtag connected with keywords are often present in the tweet. Its use in the tweet is to phrase your tweet that you are about in it. These phrases don’t have any space between them neither any punctuation mark. Also, these hashtag quotes include alphabet, numbers and underscore symbols in them. Like whenever people are working out hard in gym and post about it on Twitter, they use specific hashtags. For instance, #Fitnessgoals, #GetFit, #Youcandoit and many other hashtag quotes like them.

Moreover, these hashtags and keywords list your tweet into various categories. For that matter, if you click on any of these hashtag captions, it will open a page showing all the tweets made using that hashtag. It will further help the other users to follow and use these hashtags. Just enter your hashtag quote over the search option on the page and get to see all the latest posts regarding it.

Using hashtags in your tweet

After getting known of hashtags you probably like to use them in your tweets. But as a beginner, you must go by a few tips for using them. Since Twitter only let you speak with merely 280 characters and due to this, a user usually flooded their tweets with hashtags. For the reason that it saves your characters space in your message don’t just add too much of them. For tweeting like a pro, it’s better to pick only two or three suitable hashtags.

The hashtag you choose should be in accordance to what you tweet. It should be more precise and apt to the event about which you are tweeting. Like if you are watching a match in the stadium don’t just type #match but mention which match it is in the hashtag. If you want to be the part of a bandwagon and post something trending, you can search it down right from your main page. You will get to know what’s trending over here according to your location. Also, you can get suggestion over which hashtag you should employ by entering the keywords from here.


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