One of the most popular microblogging sites, twitter, has been around the corner for some time now. But there are few people who are unaware or new to it. Are you one of them? No worries. Equip yourself with few Twitter tips and you will be a pro-twitter in almost a jiffy.

Below are few tips and tricks that will help you have a good start on Twitter and get all social:

  1. Choose whether you want a public or private profile – Twitter is one such social media platform that doesn’t give much privacy to its users. Anyone can have access to your account and see your tweets. But you can change the settings to privacy if you don’t want unknown to interact with you. By changing the default settings to private, only those people whom you approve can see your activity.
  2. Know the basics of Twitter use and interaction – It’s rightly said professionals were first amateurs. So before starting up, check out other users profile to see how they handle their twitter account. You will get to know about twitter etiquettes and other people’s behavior and habits just by having a look at their profile.
  3. Power of retweeting – Retweets are an integral part of Twitter and hold the power to make any content viral. You can retweet your tweets in several ways and it’s quite simple to do. However, to be a pro-tweeter it’s important to know which form is best for the type of retweet you want to post.
  4. Hashtag your tweets – There exists a feature on Twitter where you can categorize your tweets according to a particular theme, which is marked by different hashtags. This way it becomes easier for users to search for any tweet and follow them. But there are many users who abuse the hashtag trend on Twitter. Make sure you don’t belong to this category.
  5. Know the essence of tweeting at the right time – There are times when your best tweets are not seen by your followers. This is because they are not paying attention to their feed at that time of the day. So depending on the location and type of followers you have, it is important to test what time your followers are active. By tweeting at that time when your followers are most active would lead to more interaction.


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