Twitter is the member of the prestigious top 2 and is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world after Facebook. It provides amazing features to it users like showing things in chronological order so you update yourself with the latest happenings. More than hundreds of millions of people have twitter accounts to get the latest news updates and to know about the trends that are in vogue. However, this social site attracts controversy from time to time.

Here are some of the twitter apps for android that will give you the best twitter experience.


Over the years, Fenix 2 has replaced the first version as it provides interesting features to its users It is a sequel to one of the most popular Twitter apps. Fenix 2 enjoys an edge because it provides more refinement and supports multiple accounts, mute system, etc. It also offers customization options for your main screen and is quite inexpensive. Though it’s newer as compared to other the apps, yet it provides a good experience to its users.


Flamingo is one of the best twitter apps that supports Material Design interface. It provides a room full of unique features to its users like multiple account support, customizations, advanced muting system, etc. It is a rock solid app in which you can even schedule tweets. The only drawback that comes with this app is that it doesn’t have a demo version. In order to try it, you have to buy it and refund it incase you don’t like.


Hootsuite is a bit complicated app as compared to other Twitter apps since it tracks multiple social networks at once. With this app, you can operate your different social media platforms from a central hub. You can post on multiple networks, get notifications from Facebook and Twitter and try a lot more new things here. Generally, business entities use Hootsuite and it requires a subscription if you want to enjoy the full list of features.


Plume is considered to be one of the oldest and good twitter apps for android. Post up gradation, it supports various features like UI based on multiple designs, customizations, integration with Facebook, for shorter URL’s. It has its fair share of bugs. The pro version works similar to the free version.


Talon is the best twitter app available right now due to its fantastic features. It was also the first one to come up with Multiple Design. Some of its features include multiple account support, Android wear support, night mode, YouTube players, etc. It doesn’t have a free version.


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